Simon & Shelly, Leicester UK
Frank - New York
Confined : "Making Coffee" and wearing CB-3000 and extra rings.


boule - Belgium
Bound Slave - France
Mike UK - Prism MCD
Chas UK
John TX, USA
SubbieBoy - UK
Mrs Kyrah's Property
SweetieJar's Phil



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kansasman49 kansasman49  
Simon & Kelly - Great Photos of a couple enjoying male chastity
leics-Dec2004.jpg (39034 bytes)
Simon & Kelly from Leicester, UK Steven
Lori's Chastity June 2005 CB2000
Lori's Lori's CB-2000
CB3000 & Red Open Knickers
Johannes from Germany - VA-Erotik  PantyBoy & CB3000
PantyBoy & CB3000 Oh Dear !!! needed The Curve
PantyBoy & CB3000 Big Boy!  Later purchased the Curve
Madame Tina June 2005
Jean France - Carrara Belt Curve  in France
Nils - Leather belt adding security to a Gerecke MCD - Great Belt!
Curve & Chastity Piercing
Rob, UK
TollyBoy Male Upskirt MissRuff - CB2000 JF Hungary - Curve
Special design made to order in France.  (Chris)
Latowski - boule Latowski - boule Latowski - boule


Samurai - Crocy MissRuff - CB2000 CB-3000 



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