What is Chastity   ..........

Some Definitions:

Ask a group of people "What is Chastity?" and you will receive quite an array of answers, often with definitions which include celibacy.  Some dictionaries define "chastity" as abstaining from sexual relations or morality with respect to sexual relations, being pure, of virtuous character and some even associate "chastity" with virginity.  

Chastity has its roots in both social and religious origins, but it has always involved one person having power over the natural urges and needs of another.  It dates back hundreds of years and has been used variously to enforce fidelity, prevent masturbation, or, in some cases, protect form abuse.

Chastity and celibacy are interlinked.  Celibacy is considered by some to be one of the strangest perversions, because by its very nature the human race would die out, it goes against our natural human instincts of survival.  Chastity can be considered to be an extension of this, but what makes it different is that chastity is celibacy with the hope of remission.

Chastity or chastity play today is not about total abstinence from intercourse, the chaste man has a release date to earn and look forward to.  It is the anticipation of  a longed for orgasm which is the spice of chastity.  It can be about your submission to your keyholder and your willingness to please her, knowing that if you do as she asks you will be granted release at some point.  The feeling of a keyholder controlling your orgasms can be highly charged with eroticism, even when you're both apart.

Part of our understanding is that "Chastity" is an exciting way of adding something very special to a relationship with the use of chastity belts or devices.  It is something unique to spice up your sex life whether you be single or married.  

The intricacies of Chastity work best in an already established loving and sexual relationship, where both partners feel comfortable to discuss openly their sexual pleasures, fantasies and the things which turn them on and off.  

Simply put chastity is about denying your penis sexual stimulation, and giving control of your sexual being to another, your Keyholder.  Chastity today is not about total abstinence from intercourse, because the chaste man has a release date and hopefully a rare but overwhelming orgasm to look forward to.  The release date, and control of orgasm is what makes chastity work. 


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