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A chastity belt, cage or tube which is suitable for long-term wear, is comfortable, un-noticeable under clothing, secure and effective is the desire of all keyholders and their chaste men.  In reality to manufacture a device which meets all these requirements, prevents orgasm, stops masturbation and is made to fit all men is most likely a technological improbability.  There is not one single chastity belt or device which meets the needs of everyone.  We all have different personal preferences and needs.  

Realistically there is probably no chastity device available which will, with 100% certainty, prevent male masturbation and orgasm, the best you can hope for is that the device you choose will make these activities very difficult.  Some men report that their device does prevent masturbation, others say that they are able to achieve a type of orgasm while wearing their male chastity device or belt.  To some keyholders this is all part of teasing!  To see a straining cock in a transparent chastity device while teasing him to (a restricted) orgasm with a vibrator is something quite special!

To find a belt or device best for you, you need to consider your fantasies and adjust them until you find the device most suited to you, your lifestyle, your body shape, your cock size, and your bank balance.  If you're fortunate enough to have a keyholder, you need to consider his or her thoughts too.  You also need to bear in mind that most MCDs require the man to sit down whilst urinating, although just a few wearers have reported that they are able to stand.

Another trade off to consider is whether you prefer an "off the shelf" readily available device, at a lower price or one which is more unique, custom designed, made to measure, but perhaps costing more and taking longer to make.   

Also recommended is that you purchase any "off the shelf" ready to wear devices such as the CB-3000, the Houdini or any leather chastity belts from stores which specialise in, and understand about male chastity, or of course from the manufacturer.  Many specialist online stores such as Tickleberry offer additional "behind the scenes" support.  Tickleberry provides some extremely useful information guides, not just about the chastity device but general tips for everyday wear. 

First Time Experimental Chastity.

Experimenting with Chastity Play before purchasing you first long term belt or device is always a good idea.  Although not actually a chastity device you could experiment with "The Gates of Hell" which is usually be made of leather and has metal or rubber rings to restrict erections. 

You could experiment with a variety of leather, metal or rubber cock rings readily available from many online sex stores, and add your own padlock/s.  The example in the photograph is a leather and rubber "Gates of Hell"



Short Term (Significant Keyholder Supervision):





Belts and devices better suited to "Short Term" Wear which require a significant amount of keyholder supervision, generally include those that need to be removed for visits to the bathroom .  Belts, tubes or cages within this category may prove to be an ideal introduction to chastity, and will meet the requirements of most chastity games lasting a couple of hours or so.  Some leather chastity belts or shorts are ideal too for the club scene.



All Chastity belts made of leather are a wonderful "soft" introduction to Chastity.

The chrome Captiv from Tickleberry which although has no whole for ventilation/urination completely enslaves your penis, limiting even the slightest touch, as does the Cave.




The Samurai from Mr S Leather & Fetters is also a nice variation as this belt will allow for a full up-right erection contained in a metal cage with a leather belt. 







The Stallion Guard leather and chrome cage is another nice short term wear male chastity device, it is not heavy and can be worn for longer periods than most short term devices, it does not need to be removed for urination, although essential for bathing and showering, the Stallion Guard (available from many online stores) is probably one of the better introduction chastity devices due to its lower price and effectiveness.



Other devices such as the Houdini may also be considered short term because of their weight.  Check what material the tube is made of if it's stainless steel then this could be considered a reasonably long term device. However tubes made of low grade steel should also be considered short term, as these may rust during wear, which will need to be removed. 



The above option may be a low cost introduction to chastity for men who are already pierced.



Another possible option are "Ball Bags" made of leather or rubber which fully encase your penis and testicles, usually supplied with a padlock



Long Term (Some Keyholder Supervision):

Long Term belts and devices are those which can be worn for much longer periods of time because they allow for normal bodily functions and cleanliness.   A little keyholder supervision will be required when the chaste male is permitted out of the belt or cage for thorough weekly cleaning purposes and regular personal health checks.  Below are just a few examples, refer to our Male Galleries to view most of the suitable designs available today.

Neo Steel Hip Belt











Belts of the original Florentine design can be considered suitable for Long Term wear, these include Tollyboy (UK), Neosteel pictured left (Germany), Chastity Steel (Germany), My Steel (Germany), Carrara (Belgium).  Access Denied of America are no longer in production.  With the traditional Florentine design you need to consider whether you would feel comfortable wearing a metal belt around your waste, this can considerably restrict every day movement.  A good choice may be to select a belt which sits on the hips giving better freedom of movement (often referred to as ergonomic belts).  The main component of these belts is high quality stainless steel.  Belts of this design are custom made to measure.  Take a look at the Male Gallery Belts page to compare most available designs.



Once you've decided which of the above might be best for you, the next set of choices you have is one of optional extras - extra "D" rings can be placed anywhere on most belts for attaching cuffs or chains, an  optional rear chain or guard is available on some designs, plugs are available (women can have 2 !!).  Women have the option of secondary shields to completely hide the labia. A secondary shield on Neosteel belts is not a permanent fixture the wearer or keyholder can decide whether or not this should be attached.  Tollyboy's version has the secondary shield is a permanent fixture, so you must decide at the point of placing your order if you wish to have this or not.


In general the male chastity device, cage or tube can be less obvious under clothing than a Florentine style belt, although some prefer the added sensation of security a chastity belt can give.


If you're looking for something made of plastic then consider the CB-3000. These are mass producted are each purchased with a set of 5 rings of different sizes. This is a "one size fits most" approach.



The Prism, made of acrylic,  is another non-metal option, and is available with either a 34mm or 40mm diameter cage. Ceased Production 2004





Tickleberry have introduced the Sentinel to their range.




The BuddyLock is another design which combines a cage with a belt.  This device is probably better suited to pierced men.






Safety Considerations:


With any new device you need to allow time for your body to become accustomed to how it fits you, and how it feels while you're doing every day activities.  For the first couple of weeks don't push yourself into wearing it for long periods.  During this initial settling in period you will need to check the device and your penis every 24 hours.   Perhaps initially just wearing it for a few hours each evening around the house when you get home from work, and gradually work up from there.  Some men are so comfortable with their device or belt that they do not need this trial period, for others it is essential.  No two devices are the same, and no two bodies are identical, what is right for one, may not be for someone else.  This is to be your chastity experience, so you need to do what is best for your body and your MCD.


Thereafter weekly inspections and cleaning of your MCD should become the norm.  If you have a keyholder she will probably want to supervise these sessions to ensure that you don't take the opportunity of a little release to masturbate.  During these weekly sessions you must also carefully inspect your cock, if you notice any sores or irritation you will need to refrain from wearing your belt or device until healing has taken place.


Daily cleaning of the device and your penis is best while in the shower, as you can direct the jets of water into the tube.  Some men find cotton buds or Q Tips very helpful for cleaning, and a hair dryer on a cool setting can aid drying.


A further essential safety factor is that there must be an emergency key for you to have easy access to.  Use of this key must be obvious to your keyholder, so that she may deal with the situation and she sees fit.





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