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Personal Reviews of Male Chastity Devices, Tubes & Cages

What follows are reviews received as part of our survey, they're re-printed here to help those considering purchasing a chastity device.

CB3000: CB-3k is very comfortable long term. Have used had CB-2000 for a year but 3k is much better. Slimmer line so pretty well undetectable under clothing, very comfortable and very secure. Longest I have worn it at a time is a week, but no problems, but for a little chafing from the 'anchor' ring. Very happy with it and in it! Total interest and participation has been two yrs.

CB3000: Comfort - okay, but occasional itching or chafing, should NOT try to masturbate with it on...results frustrating, can wind up with irritated penis. Have worn for six weeks straight, sex on night of release was a bit painful, had to let myself heal for a few days. Can wear indefinitely if necessary...hope it's not necessary! Security - can't get penis out of cage without either (a) unlocking it or (b) destroying it. Would be simple matter to cut locking pin, but that would defeat the purpose of device. Appearance - intriguing when nude (in private, of course), virtually undetectable when dressed.

CB-3000: Comfortable, attractive, effective. Required significant experimentation to get ring and spacer size correct, and additional bits to deal with chafing and to enhance security (found at

CB-2000, Curve & CB-3000: CB-2000, works well if worn with points of intrigue to prevent escape, also you will need to keep adjusting spacer size since you can slip out of the bottom which seems to be the problem if your testicles are not really large. Does not show when worn with loose fitting clothes. CB-3000, great little tube with larger end for the Head, needs to be worn with the smallest spacers if possible to prevent escape. This one does not show up when wearing clothing, not to loose, but not tight. Tube tends to slant between the testicles for hidden look. The Curve, same basic design as the CB-3000, with this one difference, it is longer and slightly curved for those that are well endowed. Should be worn with loose fitting clothes. All of these require some kind of lube, I use Baby Oil Gel, do not use to much as that tends to make the skin raw and when you remove the device for several days the skin will start to peel due to dryness, I have found that if you just lightly lube daily when device is not worn, it tends to keep the peeling from happening. Over all, I like the CB-3000 for long term wear, the curve for fooling around, (with the Key Holder) it will let you grow to full length without hurting and the CB-2000 can be worn if your Key Holder wants to punish you for being a bad boy because there is no room to grow at all.

Single Ring Locking Chastity (NorthBound Leather) - Its fairly comfertable, I wish it was less comfertable for thouse morning woods. Partial erection is possible. Not very noticable under clothes. Lock swings nicely so you are reminded of it constantly. Feel naked when its taken off.

Remy tube - very snug & erotic; prevents erecitons; moderately discreet, but is visble under tighter clothes; comfy; longest wear was 2 months uninterrupted.    Curve - comfy re the penis, but too big re trousers, walking, sitting etc; quite visible.

Remy - Very comfortable and secure, although after 4 to 6 days can chaffe on the scrotum. Odour can be a problem, especially when released, even if I have washed while wearing 2 or 3 times a day.    Comfortable on the penis; the hole at the end can allow for some teasing and stimulus, but no proper erection or orgasm.

Home made I wear a home-made, plastic tube, held on with a 6 mm ring through my Prince Albert piercing - completely comfortable except when I start getting an erection! Masturbation impossible. Removal impossible when even partially aroused. I would love a steel Lori tube but cannot afford one. This is self-imposed masturbation control - I can remove the tube at any time when I am not erect and could then masturbate - but I do not.

Mistress Lori tube is great - just need a piercing, want to order another that would fit a little better for long term wear now that I know what its like.

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