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Sentinel Male Chastity Device from Tickleberry: 

By "subdom" 23 August 2005

I have had the Sentinel in my possession just over 2 weeks now. We bought it as a play toy to spice up our bondage play - Below you find my review and some pictures we made.

Look and feel:

It looks and feels great! It a piece of jewellery for the jewels. I have to say that the Sentinel is a very beautiful male chastity device. Made of shiny chrome plated steel it gives a very solid impression. It is one of the most beautiful piece of genitalia jewellery I have ever seen. Quality of manufacturing is top nodge. When in place it is very pleasing to look at. The weight is comforting and reassuring. When body tempered from using it it fells like wearing an expensive well made watch, -but off cause this time not on the wrist...


The device consists of a cage, a ring and a lock. The inside of cage length is 75mm and the diameter is 40mm at entry and 25mm at the tip. The second part is the cock ring. To ensure a snug fit I ordered an additional tighter 40mm ring as a complement to the the 45mm diameter ring.

As the a-ring opens for fitting it is very simple to put on. No problems what so ever, unless as in my case you try the smaller ring. I can wear both rings, but the 40mm ring is in fact a bit to small and is a no-go for long time wear. Using the 45mm ring however it is very comfortable and wonderful to wear. The weight of it is a great advantage. You are constantly reminded of its presence

Sentinel Chastity Device from Tickleberry


So how about safety. Well as always that is an issue of anatomy and size. Erect I am 18 cm (7 inches). Given the 7.5 cm length of the cage this means that I will only be allowed 42% of my full size. When at ease I am 5-6 cm (2-2.5 inches). This is just under the size of the cage. In some extreme instances (i.e. when very cold) I get a bit smaller. So far the weight of the cage has kept me almost at a constant 7.5cm with no room for erections. I have been able to pull out once, after a very cold shower (just to see if I could). Once you are out however there is no way of getting in again. So, if you really want to you could get out, but your loved one will know, as there is no way of getting in again without the keys. For us it is a matter of trust - and I would just not try it if I gave her a promise not to. So in essence, if you are a CB3000 user, and are able to pull yourself out, you might be to a bit small flaccid for the Sentinel. If however you for size reasons are a Curve user this is the thing for you!

So the statement by the Tickleberry; "While you are denied, the polished metal curves of Sentinel chastity device will encase and caress your cock with unyielding restraint", is indeed true in my case.

Hygiene :

The cage's design is not just very beautiful, it also caters very well for good hygiene, ventilation and urination. Urination however is best done sitting as precision is close to zero. After urination the best way is simply showering your genitalia. No problems to have a bath or a shower. So, there are no probelms with hygiene!

Male Chastity Device

Wearing and using:

During the first few days I used it after work. It feels fantastic. My partner loves the look of it (as do I). She is very pleased to see me in my Sentinel and leather chaps. Can't say that it doesn't feel good. Actually it feels great! So since we got it I have had it on after work, during evenings until bed time. Last Thursday was the first night I used it while sleeping and it has been my "pyjamas" ever since. Sleeping was a bit dificoult first night (mostly because it made me sexually aroused). Now a few nights later I have no problems what so ever (once at sleep I sleep very heavily). Friday night I was even wearing the Sentinel and a lockable leather hood with no other holes but for breathing through the nose. Very exciting indeed! Slept like baby! Since Friday after work I have been wearing the chastity device 24/7 (it is now late Sunday evening) and I still love it!

I am a very active person, socially and in terms of physically activity. So far I have wearing the device throughout the following activities;
- long walks (very comfortable)
- biking (got my testicle skin pinched once - changing position solved that)
- going to (vanilla) parties (very exciting)
- shopping, going to cafés and restaurants (very nice)
- sleeping (no problems)
- jogging (my usual 7 km route in 28 minutes was no problem). Don't forget to pad the lock or - padlock jumping when running resulting in quite a noticeable clinking sound that does not really fit a young man in shorts and t-shirt jogging in the park.

It is probably a bit more obvious under clothing than a CB-3000. You might give the impression of being constantly semi-erect - or just well equipped. The device is comfortable under normal clothes and under wear. Wearing my usual bootlegged, low waist jeans produces no problems what so ever. Below you can see how it looks with my normal under wear.



The only downside I have experienced was that when using the smaller ring, some chrome came off it where the lock is inserted. This might indicate that quality of the chroming process is not always 100%. As I most often use the 45mm ring I have not yet contacted Tickleberry on this issue. Not sure that I will as it is really a no-issue at this point in time.


Service at Tickleberry is great. I live outside the UK but within the EU and received my package by post within a week. Actually I could not believe how fast delivery was. Also descriptions on the home page are realistic! Very good experience as a whole!

Conclusion and thoughts:

I have to say that I am more than pleased with my Sentinel from Tickleberry. Over all impression is simply that it is a fantastic device that does the job AND it looks great! We bought it as a play toy - to spice up things, but we might have a change in attitude occurring as these lines are being written. Having slept in it 3 nights in a row, and being confined 24/7 since Friday, not being restrained socially and physically in any way has made the mind spin quite a bit. The thought of long time wear is quite appealing. Of cause some practical issues arises should that be the case. Most critical issue is how to solve my gym sessions. I usually go after work 4-5 times a week. I also do a lot of social sports. I guess the solution would simply be to let my sport hours be the only time out of confinement. It is off cause also in my girlfriend's interest that I maintain good physical health. We need a smart way to solve this. Another issue to investigate is how it works at the office.

After 54 hours of 24/7 chastity I have to say it is a fantastic head trip. It is now very likely that I will be wearing it until next Friday - when the Unihoc season starts again. If we cannot sort the gym issue out I might get 1 hour of freedom a day.

More information, purchase, and pictures visit Tickleberry

subdom, August, 2005

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