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Goddess Karen - submitted 12th August 2004 - New Rules by Email

If your man has just suprised you with his chasity desires take a look at Tickleberry's page for "Wives & Girlfriends"

"My attendant:

You have been annoying me with your attempts to guide/negotiate the terms of your being secured. I want to clear up questions you have, and to warn you:  any further begging or 'topping from the bottom' (see, I remembered) will automatically extend your time by one day per offence.

Either you will change your behavior or your dick will be in indefinite lockup. Your choice :-)

When I want to make use of my property, I will unlock it. I do not need reminders, hints, offers (any I get will be considered an offence). You have masturbated for the last time (hope you liked it a lot, so it will be a fond memory). I'm keeping you secured unless I have a use for my property. Guess you'll be coming a lot less often...

I liked starting with the 10:1 ratio, but I'll be nice and let you have 5:1. After you have given me 5 good O's, you will be eligible for release. Notice I said eligible - it will still be my decision, so don't bring it up the moment you finish number 5 - if you do the count starts over. Too bad for you I have a low sex drive. If you improve your oral skills, I might find I want it more often :-) 

The only idea you've passed on that I like is the strap-on for when I want something solid in me for penetrative sex. I want you to get one within two weeks.

You are going to clean up your act. I expect you to wear a tie to work from now on, and to keep it on after you get home until I invite you to take it off. Any infractions = plus one day.

Here are other offences, any of which will add a day to your lockup: any noticeable body odor; having to be reminded of a directive; failing to thank me for any directive given; being less than enthusiastic or competent when I call upon you to service me sexually. As I think of others, I will inform you.

I expect you to begin observing all these new rules as of Thursday morning. None of this is negotiable.  Print this out so you will remember it, because I will.  Thank you for introducing me to the CB3K, I think I'm going to like it a lot. 

Your Goddess Karen

P.S. After you have received this, I want you to send me an email thanking me for agreeing to be your Goddess. I'm sending it return receipt; if your reply has not arrived within an hour of receipt, I will add a week to your lockup. Have a nice day". 

RavenSara 7th May 2001 - Keyholding

Once your lover has got over the initial stages of wearing a chastity belt he will begin to enjoy the fact that you hold the key to his release.  Holding his key enables you to slowly take control of many aspects of his life, and he will begin to place YOU upon the pedestal where you belong!  Your lover's chastity belt will encourage him to focus upon your own sexual needs and desires and less on his own.  Knowing that at some point you will grant his release has the added bonus of making him much more willing to do what you want, to meet your sexual desires, perhaps forced to use his tongue more! Remember a horny man is more compliant than one who isn't!  Keeping my lover within his chastity belt for several days at a time guarantees some wonderful sex for both of us. Once he is able to wear his chastity belt continuously for a week or more you can them get him to do all those little tasks he's previously avoided, he will  pay more attention to you instead of watching football on the television.  You can begin to take control of his free time so that you are spending more time together, visiting places, going to the cinema, having a quite night in, doing whatever you both enjoy.  The two of you will become emotionally closer to one another, being best friends and lovers.  This is when Chastity becomes a life style, having developed from it's initial stage of wonderful foreplay bed time games.  The male chastity life style is not about turning him into a door mat, it is about gently enabling him to realise how important you are to him, he should be attentive to you, understand your needs and feelings and love you physically and emotionally.  If you can do all this then you will have shown both him and yourself that Female Supremacy is indeed more than just an idea!



Anonymous  - December 2002 - Keyholding

The longer a man goes without orgasm, the greater lengths he will go to in order to achieve one. In other words, a teased man will do whatever his Woman wishes. Conversely, once a man climaxes, he is not thinking about sex any longer. The needs of his Woman are ignored. Thus, the orgasm must be harnessed - figuratively and literally. Denial of orgasm should be used as punishment, fulfilment of orgasm as reward. There are many methods to doing this, some more extreme than others, but here are some inviolable ground rules: The husband should never under any circumstances masturbate, unless instructed to do so by his Wife. The husband should never be permitted to release unless the Wife has already done so. Sexual intercourse implies by its very nature equity - the putting together of complementary parts. Because the husband should never be made to feel equal to the Wife, intercourse should be eschewed for cunnilingus only. Should the Wife nevertheless desire intercourse, the husband should never be permitted to orgasm. On those rare occasions when a husband is allowed sexual release, he should do so by one of two means: 1) rubbing against a hard surface, such as the bed; 2) manual masturbation by his own hands. Sexual release should be used as a reward, but should also be a punishable offence. Semen should be disposed of in a way that humiliates the husband (i.e., oral consumption). The Wife should not touch the husband below the belt if at all possible. There are many methods to keeping the husband in line. The most extreme way to control the husband's orgasm is through the use of a chastity control device. Limiting the husband to one release per week is a good way to start. Ideally, he should be kept confined for two-three weeks at a time, with longer periods to punish his bad behaviour.


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