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Reasons for wearing a chastity belt/device:

The following are quotes from our Chastity UK survey conducted between June 2003 and July 2004.  This page contains a representative sample of the replies received and may be useful to those new to the role of keyholder, especially if you're trying to understand your man's fantasies and dreams.

If you're looking for advice about buying a wearing a chastity device take a look at the following indepth information that includes photos about using the stocking method.


The main reason I wear a chastity belt or device is ..........

To surrender control of my penis to my wife and to reassure her I do not cheat (including by playing with myself) when away for work.

To heighten awareness of denied sexual relief and pleasure.

To stop me masturbating and to be very attentive to my wife. I always came too quickly and now I satisfy my wife most days by giving her an orgasm or two, she loves it. 

To stop masturbating excessively.  Also, it makes me feel very horny all the time, as you are always aware of your penis.   

Despite being unable to get an erection I'm incredibly turned on by the sight, feel and physical act of being locked in!

To stop masturbating and stay pure for my wife when she will be ready to make love. 

To satisfy my wife sexually and to remain in a continuous state of arousal for her and serve her every wish. I love the teasing that wearing a chastity device brings especially after the first few days of not being released and having to satisfy my wife sexually through other ways other than penetration. 

To please my wife and be a better husband.  My attention and time were going everywhere but to who and what was important.  Now as my wife says'" my mind is in the right place."

To increase sexual tension, to avoid masturbation, saving all my sexual energy for my beloved key holder.

I believe a male should be kept chaste and denied until such time as the Domme sees fit to allow release.

To experience extreme frustration and as a sign of my devotion to me wife.

To be easier to control and learn to be a nicer boyfriend. Also to feel controlled.

The thrill of chastity / being the slave of a woman.

Stop masturbating, being fully given over to my wife and give my attention and energy to her.

Stimulating and I am aware of my manhood and the inability to get aroused.

Spice up sex life, demonstrate love for wife.

Some fantasy and some physical self control.

To give over my need for pleasure to my partner so that she gets all the attention she deserves.

So I can serve my mistress and pay her all my attention. It is also incredibly erotic being continuously turned on and semi erect without even trying. I wouldn't want to lose the sensations I have now and my mistress milks me once a month which means we are really close.

Since my teenage years I have indulged my penis fetish in various ways - this device is the latest and best way of doing so in public places, but secretly.

Sexual enjoyment, prevent masturbating.

Serving my wife better and wasting no energy for my pleasure.

Refocus my sexual behavior exclusively toward intercourse with my wife (and  not masturbation), and to increase my thinking about having sex relative to thoughts about work and other responsibilities which tend to diminish my sex drive. 

Prevent masturbation and increase attentiveness through sexual frustration..

My wife likes the control of our sexual relationship.

Longer term bondage. Keyholder focus is very intense,  incredible sense of belonging and being under someone's control for indefinite period.    Brilliant for maintaining relationship. A couple of weeks 'out of service' and it's great when released.

Like the idea of being forced to please someone while I'm teased and get no relief. Let the build up last and last until release. 

Keyholder feels the longer I wear it the more sexual and erotic I am in serving her. 

It makes our sex greater, and she knows that I am not fucking around anyone.

It makes me really conscious of how much and how often I enjoy sex, plus solves my problem of needing permission to attempt initiating sexual activities.

It makes every night erotic even when my wife isn't in the mood for sex.

It is my Mistress/Wife's wishes. It's Her property

It helps to keep my masturbation and pornography habits in check.

It excites me.  I like the humiliation I feel and the control it gives my wife.

Incredible horny and submissive feeling, plays with my mind.

Increased sexual excitement. A form of bondage.

I love Sarah and we were into experimenting with new ways to enhance our relationship.

I love my spouse and want to devote my life to being the best, most loyal mate I can be.

I am more caring and devoted to my partner while wearing the device.

Heighten prolonged sexual pleasure, when I do get release it is more intense. Not knowing if I will get to cum adds to the excitement.

Fun. Frustration and I like her to "take control".

Fun and games with my wife.

Fun and exploration.

Fulfilment of a personal fantasy. I enjoy the sensation of handing total control over my sexual needs to my wife and to be denied until it suits her.

For the excruciating pleasure of not being in control; to be able to concentrate on pleasuring my keyholder.

Focusing on Her.    Controlling my masturbating habits.     Greater orgasms, when eventually getting one.

Experience more powerful sex and to be more loving to my KH

Because my wife wants me to for her sexual gratification.  The main and only reason I am wearing one (I would never have agreed to it) is that I woke up one morning almost seven months ago and found it on me.  The main reason I am wearing it from her prospective is that she noticed that when there were occasions when we didn't have sex I was a better lover and the longer the time the better.  Therefore, she felt if I wore one permanently by attention to her would get better and better the longer the time goes on.  She was definitely right on this matter, unfortunately for me because I don't know if she will ever take it off. 

Because it turns us both on.  She loves being in control and I love it that she is.

Because I'm told to!

Because I can't be trusted

Attitude adjustment, encourage my submission, encourage the growth of her dominance.

Adding new sides to our relationship, get closer to my wife, the feeling of not being in my own control.

A gift of devotion to partner.

A concrete expression of my total devotion to the source of joy in my life, My Goddess/Wife.

A "Horny" Slave is an obedient Slave!


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