Male Gallery - Tubes/Cages/Devices ..........

Want to see more images of chastity devices being worn? Take a look at Tickleberry's Chastity Galleries and Video too

2dni chastity device Metal Chastity Tube
2(d)Ni from Metal Chastity Tube
Lori Chastity Piercing Tube CB-3000 Plastic Sentinel Tickleberry Chastity with bal weight
Loris Tube - Piercings CB-3000 Sentinel from Tickleberry


Metal Chastity Tube CB-2000 Houdini Chastity
Black Tube CB-2000 Houdini


Fantasy Clear Tube attached
Stallion Guard Chastity Early Lori Design
Saverball Stallion Guard Spiral - Mistress Lori


Home Made Design Centurion Chastity
Mistress Bo Mistress Bo Centurion "Konka" 


Fantigo Chastity Cave Fantigo
Fantigo VaultBox The Cave Fantigo


Kali's Teeth Bracelet Bear Trap
Kali Teeth Bracelet Bear Trap BuddyLock


Bird Cage Photos discovered on Austrian site 1996


Remy Chastity
 Remy Remy BuddyLock


Chastity Piercing ClubFem MCD ClubFem MCD


Prism 40mm Prism Front View Shelter


The Curve The Curve "Ultimate MCD"


Created by "Dodge"  Captiv Closed & Captiv Open from Tickleberry


Big Head Studios   Bear Trap 2004


Demonia France The Egg The Egg
Chastity Tube - manufacturer unknown - USA?
Centurion "Konka" Houdini Style Cuff Unknown June 2005

Credits: Created by "Dodge" of Austrailia "Over the years  I have made many male chastity devices, from cock rings that cannot be removed, to full belts that are riveted on, all stainless steel, and all made to fit exactly. Usually at the request of females". 03/12/01. No contact details available.