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My Dark Secret - Submitted by "Techie" March 2005

Hi, My Name is K and I have a dark secret. 

I am a keyholder.  I hold the key to my loving husband's sex.  But his wearing the lock is not about ME.  It's about US!

After 33 years of marriage we were losing interest in each other. Gone was the Romance, the sweet consideration on both our parts. Now the romance is back, my husband eagerly caresses me, gives me romantic gifts and helps me with household chores. 

Every morning he must EARN the key in order to be released and make love to me. 

His day starts at 4:30 AM when he gets up and goes to the kitchen to empty the dishwasher and to make the morning. At 5:00 AM I am awakened with a loving caress and kisses. Then I receive a full body massage. He knows that sex (and his release) happen only if I want sex so he tries to make the massage as stimulating as possible. If I am distracted by thoughts of my job he must add manual and oral genital stimulation to make ME WANT sex.


On weekends it is a contest where he tries to make me beg for sex and I try to resist. Because he is "highly motivated" he usually wins the prize, the key!!! After he has bathed he puts the lock back on, gives me the key and he is mine for another day. 

There is no doubt about who controls his sex. But his wearing the lock is not just about control - it is also about love. The lock is a 24 hours long erotic exchange. When the lock sways as he walks or he must drop his slacks and underwear to urinate he thinks of me.  Likewise then I wear the key on a gold chain around my neck hidden under my clothes. Each time I feel it move between my breasts I think of him and what HE does to me and for me. And I fall even deeper in love with love with my husband of the past 30+ years with every passing day. 


Often during the day I think of his thinking of me as the snug steel hug of the lock teases him with his denied release and captive sexuality. Then I think back to the days before the lock and smile as I think about the bright future we have together with a love stronger than ever reinforced by the lock's cold steel hug. I think of him when I am driving so when I arrive home I need some cuddle time. Our household rules are simple, when he and I are alone in the house I prefer that he not wear anything, except the lock for several reasons: 

I love to tease him as he walks past. 

I love to watch the lock sway and know that I and I alone are the keyholder.  

He and his sex are mine alone. When he is one with the Chastilock he knows I control his innermost desires. 


The C-lock or Chastilock is actually a modified Master lock.  I got the idea from an Internet "sex over 60 forum". The little block with a 'U" shaped notch in the middle of the lock body is there to (1) prevent escape and (2) to provide clearance for his ureter, or the tube on the underside of his cock that the urine flows through. The object is to insure that while he is "chastized" he can still get rid of urine. 


I added the rings. The ring in the front is for fun. It can be an attachment point for a bell or a leash. 

The three rings on the top of the bail of the lock were my idea too. They were added to make him think about me every time he has to urinate. 
When the lock is in place he must drop his slacks and underwear to urinate. He definitely thinks about me every time. 


The C-lock is covered with a sanitary rubber covering to prevent irritation. Once when I was out of town on a business trip he wore the lock for four days with no relief. When I returned home, the house was spotless and he had a romantic dinner prepared for me. 

Of course I still let him EARN the keys. 

Tight Fit equals good control. 

The correct fit is critical. 
escape must be impossible 
his urine must flow in an unobstucted manner 
the C-lock must not be uncomfortable, yet not too comfortable either. Its fit must present the perfect balance of control, security and freedom. 
He must be confident that while wearing it that after all I and the C-lock are protecting his sex. 

The wear on the locks coating is from rubbing by his underwear. 

The lock's firm, but gentle hug is a stern reminder of who loves him and holds the keys.  The lock has a "snug" fit. When the lock is in place he cannot: 
Have an erection 
Have sex 
Have any form of sexual release 

His mind and his sex are mine and mine alone. BUT: He is NOT a slave, but a willing partner who has given me and me alone control of his sex. 

By placing himself in the Chastilock and giving me the key he has displayed the ultimate example of faith, trust and love.


And I love him more than ever! 

To us the wearing of the Chastilock has become an erotic game. 

Sometimes when I am playful or in a devilish mood I will use the lock's unyielding cold steel hug on the primary symbol of his sexual dominance in an erotic game where neither can lose. 

Did you know that when a leash is snapped to the front ring of the Chastilock even the strongest man in the world would willingly follow you anywhere with out saying a word of protest? 

There is NO escape. Then again he doesn't want to escape. What real man would want to escape from the loving control of his keyholder? 

Sometimes I lock a heavy chain onto the lock so it will tease him as he walks around. 

Likewise a bell locked onto the C-lock will allow me to know when he is moving! (This adds a new meaning to the term "take a tinkle"!) 

I love to watch him move when he is nude and I think that having a husband of 30 plus years that is also my personal sexual turn-on is a rare gift indeed. 

Sometimes we play adult games where he is my "captive" and I get to tease him until he begs for me. 


Recently I had a new Chastilock made.  This new lock is much larger ( and heavier) than the old one.  There is no hiding the fact that he is chastized under his clothing.  The bulge is obvious. I have him wear the new lock when we go to parties that way all who look know I hold the key to his sex. 
Now you know he trusts me, loves me and has faith in what I do to the extent that he gave me the greatest gift of all control of he and his sex. 
Our marriage is stronger than ever and always will be. 

Loving wife and keyholder

Above article kindly submitted by Techie who is the copyright owner of the above test and photographs

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