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My Steel Chastity Belt My Steel Metal Chastity My Steel Male Chastity
My Steel My Steel My Steel


CS-1000 Chastity Steel CS-300 Chastity Steel Digitart42 Male Belt
CS-100 Chastity Steel CS-300 Chastity Steel Digitart24


Neosteel Chastity Belt Tollyboy MB-100 Tollyboy Chastity Belt MB-100
Neosteel with Extras Tollyboy MB-100 Tollyboy MB-100 TBS


Neosteel Chastity Belt with Butt Plug Neosteel Chastity Belt ErgoDesign Neosteel Hip Belt
Neosteel with Extra Neostello Hip Belt Neosteel Hip Belt


Access Denied MCD Access Denied Thong Belt Access Denied Male Chastity Belt
Access Denied Access Denied Thong Access Denied


Access Denied Digitart24
Access Denied Digitart24 Body Steel Fashion


Carrara Chastity Belt Carrara Male belt Carrara Concept Belt
Carrara Carrara Carrara Concept Belt


Reinholds Chastity Belt Reinholds Belt Water Hole Plastic Chastity Belt
Reinholds Reinholds Water Hole All Plastic


Houdini Chastity Belt Mr S Chastity
Unknown* Fetters Cuff & Belt Mr S Rhino 


MrS.jpg (11881 bytes)
Cinturon De Castidad Fetters Europe Mr S Samurai


Silver & Steel Design Mr S


Body Steel Fashion S Seiber, Germany

* Submitted by Alfred (added 10/03/01)

Access Denied Belts are no longer produced, and neither are Reinhold's composite belts.  Both these organsisations are no longer trading