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Personal Reviews of Male Chastity Belts

The following reviews reflect the personal feelings and opinions of the wearer.

I prefer the Tollyboy because it fits better and doesn't rub. plus you can't get semi erect like you can in the CB3000.

Geothals Heavy Comfort: rather comfortable    Security: This device is the most secure I ever saw. In comparison to CB2000's etc, this is upgrading your security to the max.    Appearance: The new black lining (instead of the white one) is much, much better looking.     Problems: Lining will loosen with ageing. End of the tube might be too wide, which will result in uncomfortable wear or small sweat rash    Manufacturer's service: The manufacturer is easily reached by e-mail and will always make special things on request. Small repairs and/or maintenance is never a problem.    

Have been belted 24/7 for 6 months in a Geothals belt.  No problems, and easy to get accustomed to, and easy to adjust for weight gain.

Neosteel is a very secure chastity belt and not for the weak at heart.  It WILL prevent any cheating of ANY kind.  It is far more comfortable and secure than the CB-2000, which I wore for over three years.

You cannot own just one type of device.  Neosteel is the most secure steel type you can own, with the silicone liner and ergonomic waist design very comfortable (use their measuring kit for perfect fit).  The SCC Birdcage for long term comfort is also made of stainless steel.  The CB-3000 for travel and security problems.  I am also pierced with a 6 gague Prince Albert which is used as a 2nd locking point in prevention of pull-out from the SCC Birdcage and the CB-3000 - this now makes them 150% effective.  This is a must for real 24/7 chastity. 

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