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This site, Chastity UK, is the UK's first major non-commercial site of Chastity Belts and Devices.  Our original aim was to provide those new to the realms of chastity with photographs of most of the male and female chastity belts and devices available today, and provide links to all manufacturers and good retailers world-wide.

Since its launch in January 2001 Chastity UK has become a significant source of chastity related information on the web.  It receives over 5.5 million hits per month, and welcomes contributions of photographs, drawings and written experiences from its world-wide viewers.


The original intention of this site was to have a balance of male and female photographs, features and experiences.  However, over the last 4 years interest in the delights and frustrations of male chastity has increased quite significantly, and the majority of contributions received are of from men.   Contributions from women tend now to be from a key holding perspective rather than wearers.  Therefore in line with our viewers' life styles, and fantasies Chastity UK has developed a strong focus on male chastity.    

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Within the pages that follow you will find over 300 images of almost every design of male and female chastity belt or device available today, which will help those new to the wonders of chastity compare the different designs. Your can read personal chastity experiences received from wearers and keyholders, find information about prostate milking and view artwork with a strong chastity theme.  Please read and enjoy what you see and in so doing respect the copyright of Chastity UK. 

Since Chastity UK was launched in January 2001, the web has seen a very large world-wide growth in the number of personal sites and weblogs all about the fascinating subject of chastity.  The majority being about male chastity from a variety of flavours including, tease and denial, submission, slave and master/mistress, cockholding, female superiority, total orgasm denial.  Chastity belts and devices being introduced as play between loving couples, or to improve and spice up intimate relationships.  There are also an increasing number of sites on the subject of keyholding, and introducing your wife to your chastity desires.  

Sadly some of the better known manufacturers now seem to no longer be trading including Reinholds (Germany) and Access Denied (USA) the Remy Tube (Hawaii).  However to balance that loss many new sites have appeared and you will find information about them with this website.


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Age requirement and content warning:  Chastity UK is an adult site for anybody 18 or over.  If you are under 18 you should not use this site. contains content of a sexual nature, and whilst we do are best to keep things as tasteful as possible, some users may find the material offensive.  A clear warning about the material we offer is posted on our entry page.  We accept no liability for offence caused thereafter.   We accept no liability for any site not owned by us which may act as a portal to, or is connected by a link from another site.  We accept no liability for any site not owned by us which we may link to.


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The photographs on our site have been used with the manufacturer's permission. We have sought permission to use images of art work and wherever possible we give credit where it is due.  Contributions received from our viewers are credited or not according to their wishes, the credits can be found in the panel to the left.   It may be possible that without knowing and without intending to,  your copyright has been infringed,  if this is the case and you would like an item/photograph to be removed, or you would like to give permission for its use to be continued and credited to you please email

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