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CB-2000 CB2000 CB-2000 Chastity Device
CB-2000 + Parachute CB-2000 Chaps - The Curve


Hot Pink CB2000 Home made CB-3000
Pink CB-2000 Slave Frank  Michelle


Neosteel Chastity Belt CB-2000 Chastity Device
Neosteel Marion Pink CB-2000
Goethals/Carrara Locked-Boi Frank New York


Houdini chastity device cb3000+rings.jpg (21694 bytes)
Houdini Making Coffee Confined


Samurai Chastity Cage leather chastity device
Samurai Cage BoundSlave  France SubbieBoy


prism Chastity device Prism MCD Prism
The Prism Short 40mm Cage - New Front Plate Design 2004


Bear Trap Dark Grey CB2000 Clear CB-2000
Bear Trap CB-2000 Grey/Black CB-2000


Pink Remy Tube Pink CB-2000
Pink Remy Pink CB-2000 Pink CB-2000


Curve Chastity Device
Similar to Loris Tube The Curve


leather Chastity Leather Chastity
Access Denied Mrs Kyrah's Property Mrs Kyrah's Property


CB-3000 with solid pink ring CB3000
CB-3000 "Chaps" CB-3000


CB2000 and keyholder CB3000 Plastic Chastity
Chas & Keyholder Keyholder Holding 1 Keyholder Holding 2


Latowski Chastity Belt Metal Chastity Belt

Leather Chastity Bag

boule - Belgium

Latowski - boule Latowski - boule Chastity Bag


CB2000 Male Chastity Device CB-2000 MCD Plastic The Curve
CB-2000 - boule CB-2000 - boule The Curve Slave


CB3000 under knickers CB3000 Full Chastity Belt
CB3000 & Pink Knicks CB-3000 John - TX, USA


The Cave metal chastity tube Metal Male Chastity Tube Houdini Chastity
The Cave - David The Cave - David Houdini


Leather Chastity Belt Houdini Chastity Cuff
Leather Chastity Leather Chastity Houdini
Houdini Style Cuff & Leather Belt with cock ring.

Pourquoi Pas Cage & Leather Belt - Nils 20/03/02. The above chastity cage was produced in Germany by "Pourquoi Pas" in 1992.  Pourquois Pas specialised in bondage gear using leather and iron, and ceased trading in 1996.  The above design uses Pourquoi Pas' cage with a leather "chastity belt" designed by the wearer to better hold the cage in position. 

Unfortunately the German company Pourquoi Pas no longer trade, the above photos 3 and the one below are from their 1994 catalogue.


Credits ...

Simon & Shelly, Leicester UK
Frank - New York
Confined - "Making Coffee" and wearing CB-3000 and extra rings.


Chaps boule - Belgium
Bound Slave - France
Mike UK - Prism MCD
Chas UK
John TX, USA
SubbieBoy - UK
Mrs Kyrah's Property
SweetieJar's Phil - the curve 2001 - 2011