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B2Please - August 2004

B2Please  Home made chastity device  CB-3000 on a belt 

Modified CB-3000 by B2Please  B2Please - Modified Curve   CB3000 Home made belt

B2Please continues his skill of making metal harnesses for his CB-3000 and Curve.  The above are photographs of his most recent work.  "For me this creation is very secure, comfortable and it feels nice. If fitted snugly there is no way to pull the penis out.  The Cage and pin can be removed (with just one key) allowing sex while the harness remains on"

For More of B2Please's creations see below.


Frank:  12th August 2004

"This is my home made chastity device, the chain links run through drilled holes of the rings for better comfort and longer wear, the hours spent making the device were well worth it and my Mistress loves it, its like a piece of fine jewellery to me".

cock rings and chain chastity belt   chains rear view chastity


E-Bay April 2004

The photographs below are of a stainless steel belt which sold on for US$306.99 in April 2004 

Ebay Chastity Belt  metal chastity ebay   Ebay


Blue Cage - May 2004 

 Home made chastity cage  Blue Chastity Cage Home Made


3 photos below were each received anonymously during June 2004

Home made chastity  Chastity tube made at home  home made male chastity device 


Chastity Collar by Faithful

Chastity Collar designed and made by "Faithful" - Germany - September 2003. 


Chastity collar  Faithful's metal chastity collar  Penis Chastity collar




Robin from Germany - Spiel Metall






New design plastic cage - Emily 18/05/03:


This is an example of a "Male Protector" made of plastic.  


Male Protector - Plastic Chastity


Our hope was to offer a Protector that would pass through airport security.  I am sorry to say it not offer the security a woman needs when her man is away.   We tried to have "one fits all",  one can not fit all the men. Looking forward to your new site. Emily


Example of Emily's Metal "Male Protector"

Metal Male Protector   






Custom Made - Contributed by "Locked Guy" TX USA 16/09/03


Custom Made Chastity Tube   Custom Made Male Chastity Device   Custom Made Device


Male Chastity Custom Made Device   Chastity Tube   Front view


My wife purchased this belt for me while we were on a working vacation in Amsterdam. I remember what the shop looked like but I don't know the name as she snuck back there and purchased it while I was at work. It did take quite a few months to arrive. The unit is made of what appears to be stainless steel and is ingenious. To install it you pull your penis through the tube and then pull your head (glans) through a small rubber o-ring. The o-ring is mounted on the bottom side of the tube about 2cm from the end. It acts like a Chinese finger cuff if you try to pull the penis back out of the tube the o-ring just gets tighter around the head. If you were not careful it could actually rip the head off! To prevent you from just pulling the head out and removing the o-ring there is a stainless steel guard bar that locks over the tube and is held in place by the main lock. The unit is very secure and I have been wearing it on and off for over seven years now. I did manage to escape it once , out of desperation, but was unable to get it back on while it was locked and wound up getting busted and got punished by a 3 month denial of ejaculation. I never tried that again! Great site! Locked Guy TX USA




Split Collar




Pure Gold Home Made Tube/Cage - Werner Germany 18/05/03



Gold Chastity Device   Hinged Ring Chastity     Chastity Cage Locked On


The idea of the design was influenced by your website.  The tube is made of pure gold (yes, this is no joke) and has a weight of 138 grams (excluding the safety locks). The single parts  I cast at a dental technique laboratory and then soldered.




CB2000 Plus & Modified Curve - Homemade "b2p" 06/09/01



B2P Chastity Belt  Home Made B2P Chastity  Back view custom made chastity belt  

 Chastity Belt with Modified Curve     


One comment often received about the CB2000 is that a very flaccid penis can be pulled out of the top - although if its fitted tight enough the balls should stay in.  The CB2000 Plus was designed to hold the top of the CB2000 so close to the stomach that you cannot get the penis out.  The harness gives  more of a sense of being locked up.  The bottom 4 photos are of a cut down Curve "b2p" (06/09/01)

Unknown Home Made Device


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Submitted by SlaveBoy 09/12/01& 31/08/02

My chastity device uses a car exhaust chrome tailpipe for the rube, riveted to half a handcuff.  The grill at the end denies me any contact, and was made from the cover found in a refrigerator which protects the light inside.  I have worn it for 4 days without removal, (Key in post to Mistress).  I have also worn it for 3 months, removing it before work and replacing it as soon as I get home.


Self Made Chastity Device with ball weight  Home designed chastity cage 




Other Home made Tubes & Belts




Andromed  27/02/01(above 2 photos)        







CBee  24/01/01




Blue Cage - Jemmie
Split Collar
Locked Guy TX USA
Werner, Germany - Gold Tube/Cage
B2P - CB-2000 & Curve Modifications
Slave Boy

Chastity Collar - by Faithful

Speil Metal - Robin from Germany