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"J" 5th August 2004

Just wanted to share with you how my girlfriend keyholder enjoys
herself (at my expense!)

I am kept locked in cb2000 most of the time, she has the only key
and decides when I am to be let out. Our sex life is now only about
her needs. She requires me to orally pleasure her most evenings
when we go to bed, and more at the weekend, she always comes after
about 10-15 minutes of my tongue. I always perform this kneeling at
the foot of the bed, locked into the cb2000 and with my hands cuffed
behind my back - she used to allow me my hands, but finds she comes
even harder if i am restrained. Once she has come I stand next to
the bed for a few minutes until I am asked to come to bed, where I
hold her until she drifts off to a contented sleep - meanwhile I am
left frustrated.

Release for me is a few minutes every weekend, usually a Sunday,
where I am allowed to masturbate to an orgasm, whilst saying her
name. Mistress is in the process of training me to lick up my mess,
something I find even more humiliating!

Froaden 29 July 2004: 

I just wanted to share my experience with erection
denial.  I never realized how many erections I'd get during a day or how they affected my thoughts and behavior. I'm used to checking out other women (I'd never dream of even speaking to one) but I would check them out none the less. I also have a particularly potent fetish for women that
smoke. Normally, if I see a beautiful woman smoking a cigarette, I
would become partially aroused. Not fully, but just a little.

We saw the CB-3000 on the internet and she said "That's what I should
do to you." I thought she was just fooling around. I've been
locked in a CB-3000 for 3 days now. My wife wears the key around her

Now, when I see a sexy woman, my attempt at an erection is powerfully
rejected and it puts me in a good amount of pain. I have to
deliberately hide my eyes and change my thoughts in order to stop it.
I find myself racing home just to be with my wife, even though I know
she has no intention of letting me out until Saturday evening. I'm
fawning all over her in hopes that she'll become aroused and "need"
to let me out. She doesn't "need" my penis at all. It really puts
things in perspective.

My wife has really been enjoying oral sex without reciprocation. She
cuffs my hands behind my back and makes me go down on her. She
deliberately teases me because she thinks it's funny. I have to sit
down to pee. I can't have an erection. It feels like I've been
completely stripped of my manhood. The worst thing is that I like
it, and whenever I think about it, like now, I get a painful


JC  20/08/03 

I have been married for 20 years.   Our sex life started getting boring years ago my wife never was interested in my bondage games because she is not dominate , the session went on too long for her & not long enough for me,  also knots can be complicated. After getting a computer I became interested in tease and denial which progressed to chastity. 


Tammad (RIP),  Altairboy &"Tease and Denial" sites became my regular haunts.   In reflection I built up the need for chastity just like tease and denial  works me up.  Finally I asked my wife if she would just try it.   She pacified me by saying yes she would consider it.  I then down loaded all helpful and insightful info I could - about 50 pages.  I could tell from just looking at her that it was a go.   I think she was impressed with the attentiveness factor and the ease of getting things for herself mainly chores I hate to do.  After some  long talks we drew up a  contract and ordered The Curve.   Her job was to enforce the rules ,interpret and make up if needed.   She must be fair but actively trip my efforts by strict enforcement and intense teasing.  My rules are numerous I must keep them memorized she of course has a copy.   I must  receive the 6 mandatory days with penalty time occurring if I come  (30 days of lockup),  argue (2 days), nag for any thing, incomplete chore, lose a challenge (maybe multiple day depending on challenge) refuse or ask for in any way access  to my body at anytime, no tickling , disturb sleep and all my things must be in proper place at all times( any of these can add 1 day ) . I never know when I will be chase except it will be at least one day in between no more than 30 days and I cannot ask when, without penalty nor can I remind her that I am due to get out.  


I am in my 3rd session now I thought it may lose it's thrill but not so far I am frustrated worse than ever.  My current challenge is I must read a long detailed article on women's needs I get a day added on for every 2  questions I miss when tested.   Also I must have 2 bathrooms spotless,  clean the garbage, and take care of the pets before she gets home, then take care of my work - I know I don't stand a chance.  On a daily basis I want sex attention all the time but too much is nagging (which I received an extra day yesterday) like a moth to a flame I go.   Only 3 days and I am a mess constantly filling tubed chastity with no fulfilment . 


To  make things *harder* my wife is becoming more creative, stricter and enjoying it more. Just this morning she squeezed my nipples while giving out the duties saying, "do a good job on the bath I'll be messing it up tonight so you can do a better job tomorrow ".  Right now I would give anything for release especially after last night's tease session but take nothing for the experience hope this helps some as much as it has helped us 



Lady Amber's Slave 14/03/2003

My Mistress installed my chastity device on the 24th November 2002.  It was about a week for me to get used to wearing it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The next several weeks were a combination of excitement and frustration and wanting to masturbate. When ever I saw a female walking down the street or sitting on a train on my way home I would quickly get a hard on , but because I was caged up the feelings of bondage and frustration were wonderful.

After about six weeks of being permanently caged up my cock was nearly always semi hard. This was making lines in my cock where the bars run down the length of it.  By this time I was having a battle with my thoughts trying not to think of sex, not looking at any mags, or read any stories on the internet.  being permanently excited is a great feeling, being able to become fully hard at a moments notice and as the weeks went by becoming more able to control my bondage was a great feeling.  My Mistress when we meet, usually once a week would sometimes make me masturbate without coming and that is the worse torture than any other.  The worst kind of S/M pain.


Then on the tenth week after my imprisonment I was allowed to come, there was a pile on the carpet!


It is now 20 weeks my CB2000 has been on.  I don't want it ever to come off it is the closeness I have ever been to my Mistress, always there to remind me of Her wonderful being. 





My life as a chastity slave began fifteen years ago when  Mistress learned how roman slaves were infibulated by their masters to control their sexual behaviour.

Mistress decided that I would be controlled in a similar way. My foreskin was pierced on both sides and two small rings were fitted. As soon as the piercings had healed the small rings were replaced by a slightly larger ring which passed through both holes. This ring was later replaced by another ring, and by increments the diameter and thickness of the rings was increased. My current ring is 8mm thick and 40mm in diameter.

Mistress has also added rings to the shaft of my penis which in effect resemble the "gates of hell". This makes erections very uncomfortable and penetrative sex impossible. I also wear a heavy scrotum collar linked to the ring in my foreskin by a short chain. Its weight is a constant reminder of my position as a chastity slave.

I've worn this current device for over a year, only removing it for washing and shaving. Mistress milks me once a month without removing the device and I'm expected to give Mistress pleasure with my hands and mouth when ever she requires it. However my own orgasm is denied to me.
As a result I'm constantly in a state of heightened sexual awareness.

My devotion to Mistress is total and I am happy to commit the rest of my life to serving her.


Slaveboy 09/12/2001 - see other photos on "Home Made" page

I wear a chastity device for short periods before visiting my Mistress. I live about 100 miles away from her, before each visit I send the key by registered mail to her and on receipt she emails instructions as to a password I must write above my device and then email a picture of it to ensure  I have locked myself in (it is made from half a handcuff so it snaps shut) usually about 3/4 days prior to each visit. on arrival she removes it to wash me, while I am restrained and then I have to serve her in any way she desires (never being allowed to cum of course) then before I leave she locks me back in the device and posts the key back to me after a few days.  For neglecting my duties one time, she left it for a week b4 sending me the key



23/09/01 - Anonymous

I hope that by responding to the following questions on your "lock me up" page, the answers I can give will assist any couple, whether married or partners, gay or hetro, to enter into what can be one of the greatest assets in any relationship where trust and love between  each other can flourish unhindered by thoughtless, selfishness and disregard for the other person.

"What is Chastity?" ...No greater gift can be received than the pleasure of giving to another. Giving yourself completely to your partner is an experience bordering on the spiritual. As a husband in a loving and strong marriage, locked up on a 24hour/7 days a week basis, religiously enforced chastity has become the foundation stone of our marriage's strength although the closest it gets to religion is my almost monastic vow of chastity, poverty and obedience!!

"What do I enjoy most about my Key holder having Control?"... Before my enforced chastity, I used to behave like a complete arsehole towards my brilliant wife. She's taken away the root cause of my problem, and imposed a more feminine regime for me in the home. After years of macho posturing, I now appreciate women for what they really are...human beings like me! A different if superior gender yes, but real people none the less! I am grateful to my wife for wiping the dirt from my eyes, and revealing a whole fantastic new way of living in a very real world, and even if I wanted to, she has the keys and I could never revert to being the nasty fool I was.

"What is the best thing about being locked in?"...Freedom!! Freedom to give my wife full obedient attention without my own more basic instincts trying to kick in and diverting my attention away from her!

"Where do you keep the keys?"... My lovely wife keeps the keys, so I have no idea. In the early days of imposed chastity, to my cost, I was caught by my wife searching the house for them. She was singularly unimpressed by my claims that I needed some relief, and my attempts to circumvent her authority were dealt with very firmly indeed. I don't search any more, and I am forbidden to ask.

"What is my favourite Chastity Belt/Device?"....Of the three items my wife uses on me,( a "Fetters" lockable steel and leather cage: a CB-2000 and a Tollyboy.) my personal preference is for the Tollyboy Chastity Belt, which is what I am kept in most of the time. However, my wife uses on me what she pleases and I may not complain.  The Tollyboy prohibits even the smallest erection for me, so I can devote my full attention to satisfying my wife's instructions/desires and carry out whatever my duties are at any time. I find it comfortable but relentless. For me it is inescapable, for again in the early days of my "re-organisation"(!!) I did try. I also failed! My one not so much a complaint as a dread, is the lockable anal plug that can be attached to the Tollyboy. My wife uses the anal plug as a punishment and disciplinary device to maintain my "enthusiasm" for my domestic duties. Now, I positively HATE ironing and shopping, but I manfully don't complain anymore!!  Try walking round Sainsbury's with a sore backside. You soon get the message that what is mostly a pain in the arse for women to do daily, a bloke WILL now do daily!   The CB-2000 thankfully doesn't have such an attachment, but it unfortunately permits me a semi erection, though no possibility to orgasm. This semi erection can be jolly uncomfortable and my wife sometimes teases me to this state to remind me that nothing is coming my way!

"What's the longest time you've worn your belt/device?"... I work away from home all over the world for extended periods of up to four months. The last time I was away for three and a half months and my wife had locked me in the CB2000 with the disposable airport-proof plastic lock. When I was entering airport security to fly out to work, I was full of embarrassed  trepidation, but I overcame the fear of "discovery" by realising "Who is most important in my life? An airport security man doing his duty, or my wife?" There is a very short answer to that my wife. If I had, say, cut off the plastic lock in the toilets before being security checked, what a trust I would have destroyed! So it stayed firmly where my darling wife had put it, remaining there until I got home three and a half months later. Yes, hygiene was a problem but not insurmountable. It was more tedious than anything else, involving cotton buds and very careful showering, but here I am alive and well and (thankfully!) locked back into the Tollyboy. Though I shower twice a day, I am released from the Tollyboy temporarily about every ten days to a fortnight for complete hygiene and cleaning the belt before it is refitted. If your question re-phrased really asks "how often do you get to orgasm?", I can only say I get "relief" when my wife permits. I have been on vacation at home for nearly six weeks now, after my last tour of duty, and I have been permitted once.

Am I happy with enforced male chastity as a way of life? The answer has to be "Yes. Entirely!" My wife, who suffered patiently for years my intolerable swaggering macho posturing and general bad behaviour all because she loves me and our family, she means more to me than I'd care to put down here. Male Chastity as a way of life has improved me beyond recognition, and I am thoroughly grateful to my brilliant wife for introducing it into our marriage. She has made me a new bloke and I'm proud of her for doing it!

So, to anyone considering the beneficial aspects of enforced chastity, and it must be strictly whining to get out of it when it gets realised by the belt wearer that it IS for keeps... Recommended!! Do it now!! And for the belt wearer? Stick it out!! You'll love the changes!





21/09/01 - Anonymous  Tollyboy Wearer


In my case Tollyboy chastity belts are brilliant for 24 hours/7days a week, however, my wife insists on me wearing a CB-2000 cage when we are on holiday. It is airport-proof of course, but I find I achieve uncomfortable semi-erections when locked in it


 Serving my wife's demands with the Tollyboy belt I am denied even the smallest erection and I feel more able to pay complete attention to my wife's satisfaction and demands, any failure to satisfy or obey her (whether for her pleasure, housework, gardening,  washing-up, ironing, etc.) results in an anal punishment plug being locked into me, which, like the plug you can use with the Tollyboy belt, is totally irremovable except by my key holder wife. This is not possible with the CB-2000 (thankfully I may add).


My wife's insistence on total chastity for me with very infrequent release, hygiene excepted, has altered our marriage vastly for the better. I was an arrogant, heavy drinker, loud mouthed, verbally insulting verging on the cruel; a real bastard to be truthful. Led by my most brilliant wife I am now a loving caring man as a result of enforced chastity, and the previously suppressed real person in me which hid behind macho swaggering has been brought out by my wife's insistence on chastity for me. I see her as the greatest person I know. Enforced male chastity makes our marriage a loving and strong relationship".



Personal Review CB2000 by "Bluerose"

I choose the CB 2000 as my main chastity restraint for a number of reasons. The main one being its size and the fact that it is very light and it not made of metal so when you have the tamper proof numbered plastic lock on in stead of the metal padlock it won't set those nasty airport metal detectors off . Also it doesn't go round the hips, which is a real plus for me as I have a medical condition that makes it not a good idea to have any force on my hips.

Before I bought it I read a lot about peoples experiences with it. Some people have been able to pull out of it but I have tried and tried and so far I have been unable to in fact I have been unable to even touch my cock.
Some people have also complained about rubbing or chaffing luckily I have experienced no rubbing or chaffing, but I think that has a lot to do with being careful about keeping it dry and apply some talc a few
times a day, or Vaseline also works. After bathing its a good idea to dry the cock and balls with a hair dryer, that way you can make sure you get every little bit dry because if you don't you will know about it!

When I get aroused my cock can't become fully erect and this can course some discomfort but no pain as such. The main discomfort is caused by the cock swelling in the cage which puts pressure on the cock and balls. The overwhelming feeling of frustration at being very turned on and hard and not being able to touch it is unbelievable and some times unbearable.... but that's the fun of it but then one of my main kinks is being restrained.

I don't have access to the key. My Mistress has that and she decides when the restraint will be removed so she can "use" what is locked in it. There is very little point wearing a chastity restraint and having the key yourself is there?

I also have a "real" chastity belt I got from Eagle Leather in Melbourne its a one of a kind original . Its metal and it attached round the waist with chains and has a metal plate that covers the arse and one that covers the genitals . It is what most people would assume a chastity belt would look like, And it works well but as it is big and bulky and you are unable to shit with it on with out great effort and a little mess it is really only any good for show and short term wear and really no good for airports but as a bullet proof shield for the genitals it can't be beat....

Bluerose the voice of the uncommon man.    "Hang-on a minute lads, I've got a great idea..."



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