Links to Personal & Informative Sites ..........


Chastity Sites:


Edge of Vanilla - A great Blog! Including Chastity & Orgasm Denial

Tickleberry - A guide to buying and wearing a chasity device

Tickleberry - Male Chasity Video

Sweet Chastity - Chas Transgender and some chasity drawings

Tickleberry - General Chastity Articles

Altairboy - The First authoritive site all about chastity  (Site Down 29/01/06) 

CB-2000, CB-3000 & The Curve  - Wearer's site, run by Lady Jester

CB Shackle's Site 

Jan Thor - Chastity Drawings

Lady Jester Nice site design, for CB3000 wearers.  Has own Yahoo Group - Very useful and helpful forum/message board

LocknKeep - Portal for Chastity & BDSM

Married Woman's Guide to a Happier more Fulfilling Relationship 

Mortice Deadlock's Chastity Page

Mike & Dee's Chastity Belt Photographs

NTC Web - Chastity Stories

Timberwoof - Enforced Chastity, Personal Journal, Chastity Regimen



Chastity Yahoo Groups:


My Keyholder

CB-3000 Wearers Group - associated with Lady Jester's website

Female Keyholder - a female only group of "Ds with the Keys"

Neosteel Lovers Group



Black Steel Institute - an information resource for alternative lifestyles




Female Supremacy Sites:





Elise Sutton's Female Superiority Site A very popular site with tips for introducing the concept of female superiority to your "KeyHolder to be"



Uniquely Rika - Rika's views on the D/s lifestyle offer a refreshing alternative to the "Tie 'em up, Rack 'em and Whack 'em" approach often used


Tickleberry - a guide to help wives and girlfriends who have just discovered that their man is interested in male chastity. Offering some tips and advice.