Chastity UK News ..........  

November 2012 - Tickleberry Returns as a Resource of all things kinky!

Tickleberry is back! - After a break of over a year the website has returned, is all non-commercial now, offering lots of information on chastity, spanking and pegging. It's worth taking a look at the full size photo galleries, check out the House Rules and the blog too, full of guides on all things BDSM. They also started the personal challenge 30 days of Chastity and have a forum where you can place your answers if you don't have your own blog.

Tickleberry also has a Facebook page and a Google+ page worth a quick visit too. Finally don't pass the chance to check out their Tumblr full of tasteful images to arouse and inspire!

16th April 2010 - BON4 Chastity Device

BON4 Chastity Device - There's a brand new chastity device that's recently been launched. Made of fantastically clear transparent strong silicone. The BON4 continues where the Birdlocked left off. The BON4 Chastity Device uses the normal 2 peice assembly, a separate cage and ring, making fitting like any solid ring design. Our early tests reveal it's comfortable and flexes naturally with your own movemets, so it seems less obvious under trousers. It's also more comfortable than a metal or plastic device for cycling or riding a motorbike.

Silicone Chastity Device

January 2009:

AL enterprises have introduced two different coloured versions of the CB-6000, one is imitation wood the other is camouflage.

17th June 2008 - Recommended Read:

The Edge of Vanilla is a well written blog with many interesting articles featuring chastity and orgasm denial, it's author write of these subjects from the real word perspective - well worth a visit Edge of Vanilla

22nd June 2007 Launch of the CB-6000

The CB-6000 from AL Enterprise will be launched on Friday 22nd June 2007.  the existing CB-3000 Yahoo Group will be a place to visit for informal support and chat from wearers of this chastity deivce.


Fake CB-3000s:   We have received information of a fake or "boot leg" CB-3000s which can often be found on auction sites. To help you make the right purchase and avoid being sold a counterfeit CB3000, or to check whether you've unknowingly purchased one click here for more information.

AltairBoy - 20th February 2006 Altairboy's website is once again online after a break of several months.  The world's first serious chastity related website. 

ExoBelt - February 2005 the Exobelt  is a new design very recently launched, and one of the few devices which fully encloses the testicles.


KSD-G2 December 2004:  The Keepsake Security Device - Generation 2, is a new add on designed specifically for AL Enterprise's 3 Chastity Devices, the CB-3000, CB-2000 and the Curve.  It is not made by AL enterprises, but early reviews suggest that the KSD-G2 provides the answer to help prevent pull out from any of these 3 devices.  Initial reports are very favourable, our tester has said that the CB-3000 when used with the KSD-G2 is the most secure chastity device he's ever owned.  Available in Europe/UK from Tickleberry (photos used with permission) 

KSD-G2 for CB-3000 or Curve  KSD-G2 fits snugly into tube of CB-3000 

December 2004:  The Prism and the Jelly Mould cease production for the foreseeable future.

Chastity UK was launched in January 2001, the web has seen a very large world-wide growth in the number of personal sites and weblogs all about the fascinating subject of chastity.  The majority being about male chastity from a variety of flavours including, tease and denial, submission, slave and master/mistress,  female superiority, total orgasm denial and chastity belts and devices being introduced as play between loving couples, or to improve and spice up intimate relationships.  There are also an increasing number of sites on the subject of keyholding, and introducing your wife to your chastity desires.  

Sadly some of the better known manufacturers now seem to no longer be trading including Reinholds (Germany) and Access Denied (USA) the Remy Tube (Hawaii). 

However, there are now quite a few new players on the scene.   

Tickleberry introduce the Sentinel ..........

The Sentinel is part of the new stable of Tickleberry's extended range of male chastity cages and devices.  

          Sentinel Male Chastity Device

It's cast in pewter and chrome plated.  Dimensions are approximately 75mm long, 40mm in diameter at the cages entry, and 25mm diameter at the end of the cage.  The cage accepts the cock ring which is held firmly in place with a matching padlock.  The cock rings are available in diameters of 40mm, 45mm or 50mm.


Mistress Lori's New Spiral Chastity Device


The Spiral requires Frenum Piercing. Is very light weight.


SaverBall - has recently launched a website (German) for the device pictured below.



An Ebay seller in America is also producing male chastity belts.  The belt show below sold for $306.99 on 14th April 2004