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"The best experiences while wearing a chastity device"

The following are a representative example of replies to our Chastity UK 2003-2004 survey in response to the above statement.

Wife's gentle teasing of me while locked in it.  Teasing which sometimes, but not always, results in passionate sex.

After tidying the flat, running a bath, giving my partner a foot and body massage, oral sex for two orgasms, she said she would just like to curl up and go to sleep. For the next two days while she teased me, I couldn't take my mind of her, I have rarely felt such lust, very exciting very alive.

Whilst being away on business my wife was sending regular text messages and I could not wait to see her, never mind make love, the feeling of being owned and having my release controlled is wonderful. 

When my keyholder gets the key out to free me so we can make love.

We went on abroad last year on holiday for two weeks and I had been locked up in my chastity device for three weeks prior to going. I spent the next two weeks extremely frustrated as she left my key at home on purpose. She spent the two weeks teasing me on the beach and around the pool by sunbathing in just a tiny thong that barely covered her sex up and having me bring her to orgasm at least twice a day. Two weeks of torture but what a release when I was unlocked when we got back as reward for making her holiday so enjoyable. I'm even looking forward to the next holiday in a months time where she has already told me I will not get released while away.

We do get closer and I fell even more attracted to her.

The thrill of seeing my owner enjoy my frustration on a daily basis.

The teasing and playing. my wife will have me please her all the time orally. while I must wait till she feels ready to give me relief. and that relief is something... never have I felt so much power and pleasure at the same time. I love my wife and being her slave is great..

The sensation of being locked up and walking around in public.

The removal after a week and the play session that followed.

The pleasure of being denied release after servicing my wife orally. Denial is really very erotic.

The day She presented me with the CB and informed me its the way it was going to be.  It was the real beginning of my Queen establishing her role in our marriage.

The constant desire for my Wife/Mistress/KH

The bond that exists between Us as we take this journey

Shopping in town and nobody knowing what's on underneath!

She teases me endlessly.

Orgasms after waiting weeks.

Noticing how sweet my wife's voice sounded.

Much better sex performance.

Listening to Mistress coming as I give her oral and also being taken with her strap on.

It makes sex after it has been removed a magical experience.  While wearing it I feel connected to my KH and quite often aroused.

Giving my girlfriend multiple orgasms through oral servitude.

Being teased remotely for approximately two weeks by phone, text, and most difficult of all, email with pictures of my keyholder. This period culminated in a long weekend with my keyholder in a country hotel. She removed the device at the beginning of the weekend but replaced it whenever I was going out of her sight. This allowed her to tease me physically throughout the weekend. At the end of the weekend I was encased without relief. I could easily have cried !!! We went our separate ways but two days later she met me unexpectedly and, after an evenings teasing, I was allowed relief. Bliss !!


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