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Volunteering into chastity - my story. Michael -June 2005

Lisa and I have been together for fifteen years, married for 13, and have two wonderful daughters who are our pride and joy.  During this time it hasn't all been plain sailing. Over many years our  relationship has gone through highs and lows, and up until a few months ago was rapidly falling 
apart. It was obvious to us both that unless we made some profound changes we were heading for an inevitable split - in actual fact Lisa had already made a provisional list of things she would be laying claim to, and had given thought to the terms of the inevitable separation she anticipated.

We booked a session with a relationship counsellor. No holds barred, but within a "safe" environment under the direction of a stranger. We both came away emotional wrecks. It was the following morning before we spoke to each other, and this was just a few words before we both broke down in tears in each other's arms. We both desperately wanted to get through this and stay together - but how were we going to deal with the issues that were now out in the open? I hit the 'net in search of some answers, and came across this strange phenomenon called "male chastity".

Male chastity? Something for the S&M and bondage crew surely? I read on, filtering out the exhibitionist nonsense and concentrating on the informed comment. I became fascinated by how so many other couples' relationships had been reinforced and strengthened by the male partner volunteering  himself, or being placed (perhaps under threat of sanction - divorce?), into chastity. Perhaps it would have a positive effect for us? The thought of being locked into a chastity device of some sort also had a certain kinky attraction about it - although, despite Lisa's insistence to the contrary, this was not the reason for my wanting to find out more.

One of the things to come out of our counselling session was Lisa feeling disenfranchised within our marriage and of being "used". We both felt that our sex life throughout the time we had been together had been good, but that the common spectre of unequal sex drives (mine being far greater  than hers) overshadowed it. Usually this manifested itself in me frequently hassling her to give in, which she did far too often, or me taking things into my own hands and masturbating. This selfish behaviour on my part was common to our relationship for many years.

Early one morning in December 2004, I discussed with Lisa all of the things I had read about on the 'net and how I thought that my volunteering into chastity might just be the change that our relationship desperately needed. Despite having some reservations she agreed that I could order the  CB-3000 male chastity device that I had discovered - "Get one if that's what you really want. But don't expect me to take any part in your perverted fantasies!" was her parting comment on the subject. 

I ordered "that thing" from a dealer in the States and it arrived a month later - probably a victim of the seasonal volume that the Post Office has to deal with. Frankly it's not much for $170.00, but I saw the whole thing as an investment in holding our marriage together and keeping my wife - whom, it must be said, I love deeply. If it contributed to changes for the better, it would be worth every penny. Lisa held the view that it was " . . . just a pervert's toy - I don't even want to have to touch it".

Trying the device on, and wearing it for short periods initially, was an unbelievable turn on - never having used a penis ring or worn anything like it before meant I was left in a permanent state of semi-arousal . Then there was the thrill of wearing it in public - something I could feel constraining me but that nobody else knew was there. The second time I wore it to work I had to stand up in front of around twenty people and deliver a three hour presentation.

Wearing the device for the first two weeks was a mixture of high sexual arousal and pain and discomfort - during the day I was up in the clouds, and during the night-time I was awakened frequently by the intense burning feeling of the ring biting into the base of a night-time erection. It hurt.  I wore it to bed at night from the off, something which Lisa tolerated. She said, however, that she didn't want it anywhere near her and certainly didn't want to feel it as we laid in each others arms - either it had to come off or I would be banished to the far side of our super-kingsized bed. The same day I purchased two small silk cushions which have been our bedfellows ever since - when "spooning" I now have to ensure that there is one of these between my groin and her thighs so that she can't feel the hardness of the device pressing against her. 

During this time, emotionally I regressed to being a love-struck teenager again and wallowed in the "high" that I last experienced when we first started seeing each other fifteen years before. I felt I was falling in love with Lisa for a second time. Heading home at the end of a working day,  knowing my woman was there, became the daily highpoint and the thing I looked forward to most. Shortly afterwards, Lisa agreed to take the key. 

After four or five weeks of virtually continual wear I was truly "broken in". I had worked through three fitting combinations (penis ring sizes and spacers that determine the gap for the testicles) to find the one I have since settled on - the initial swelling caused by a reluctant body subsided after around two to three weeks and I then settled on the "final fit" shortly afterwards. This has not needed to be altered and the device is not in the slightest bit uncomfortable to wear - in actual fact, during a normal working day it's easy to forget it's locked in place around me.

I've now been chaste for four months and both my body and I have become accustomed to my having the device locked in place. I now sleep through the night without any of the burning discomfort previously experienced, and I can snuggle up close to Lisa without having to endure the pain of a  straining, contained erection. This was a big problem for us, and at one point Lisa insisted that I remove it in bed as I use to disturb her through waking several times each night. I couldn't lay still in an embrace with her for more than a couple of minutes without becoming restless and having to move. We now lay in each others arms for what seems hours on end - a truly wonderful experience.

I've also got use to sitting to pee, something Lisa only got to see very recently and which caused her to break into pales of laughter - I think it was more my sheepish look at being seen having to suffer, what I suspect most men would consider to be, a humiliating knock on my manhood. In fact  I've got so use to it a few days ago when I was not locked up I instinctively turned to sit . . . 

As part of the initiation into chastity, I have also ridden out the emotional roller coaster that comes as part of the deal. The hardest part to come to terms with was after I handed the key over - once the novelty of having given myself up had worn off, I realised that I had to ask Lisa for permission to remove the device whenever I needed to free up my penis for any reason. Dependency and submissiveness - certainly a shock to the system if you're use to regular erections and being free to touch yourself as and when you desire to.

Chastity has meant that I now get less sex, and I am no longer able to masturbate. On the plus side I have re-discovered the joy of intimacy and of holding Lisa in my arms and experiencing the softness, warmth and scent of her body and of just being with her. Orgasms have gone from being mainly a physical thing, available virtually on demand, to something precious that Lisa allows me to share with her and enjoy only in her company. I think our relationship has definitely changed for the better, and we are both much happier for it. I love her more now than ever, and deeply regret all of the heartache I have caused her in the past. In return, despite all of the threats to "lock it away forever", Lisa regularly passes me the key and allows me to remove the device and to enter her, or permits me to pleasure myself in her presence. This happens, on average every four or five days (just as the desperation to be satisfied sets in), although the periods between release do seem to be getting longer of late. If I'm not released within a few days, the pent-up frustration has me falling all over her whenever we're alone together. My longest period of being "locked away" has been two weeks. Despite her protestations that "I only tolerate this nonsense because it means a lot to you . . " I think she gets a buzz out of being in charge in the bedroom and of holding the key and deciding when, and how often, I get to experience the satisfaction of sexual release. 

For any other couples in similar circumstances, where both parties are keen to salvage a failing relationship, I would certainly recommend the experience. Three months and $170.00 is a small price to pay for the chance to rediscover the joys of being together and, potentially, a whole new basis for taking a relationship forward. It seems to have worked for us - I think we will now stay together forever.

As a convert to a chaste lifestyle I wouldn't now want things any other way.

United Kingdom
June 2005

(*Names have been changed for the sake of anonymity.)



Jack - USA - February 2005


I had been toying with the idea for many months now, ever since I came across a site about modern chastity and got incredibly aroused.


My girlfriend and I have always been very experimental with our sex lives and I had no problem asking her if she would be willing to be my keyholder.


Finally I ordered my CB3000 last week and it arrived on Saturday, I straight away spent an hour or two fitting and refitting the device on me and then went to work wearing it.  I was amazed at how comfortable it was considering it was my first day in it.


When I got home I had a go at pulling out and managed it with no problem at all, so I set about changing the spacers and rings, etc.  Then I realized I had to use a smaller spacer so that my balls could not be pulled out between the cage and the ring.  This seems to work find although it does mean my balls are pulled tight between my scrotum and the cage at all times.


After that I went and picked my girlfriend up and brought her back to my place, on the table I had placed a bunch of flowers, a bottle of champagne and around the neck of the bottle I hung "The Key".  She saw it straight away and smiled saying "It arrived?"  She couldn't get my clothes off fast enough to see it.  A big smile went across her face and all she said you "Cool!"


That night we were fooling around in bed and I started to play with her with my fingers.  My cock was straining in it's new cage but I was loving it, then she said she had had enough and got up and got dressed.  I was left in my CB3000 overnight (although she offered to take it off, I wanted to get used to sleeping in it) and woken the next morning in pain as my balls were crushed by my erection!  This happened several times as I sure wearers of these male chastity devices all know!


On Sunday night she let me out of the cage and we lay together in bed, then she started to masturbate me until I was just about to come.  Then she stopped and said "I thought you were going to take a bath?"  I had my bath and returned to find her taking a nap.


Later that night she eventually allowed me to orgasm (although all the while threatening to stop and lock me back up!)


The before I took her home I put the CB3000 back on and she went and hid the second key in case of emergencies (I have not even looked for it as I know that would mean trouble!)


So that was Sunday and today is Wednesday, I will not get to see my keyholder until Saturday when we have agreed that I can take the device off to rest for a couple of days.


Then we devised a plan, I told her that on Sunday after we put the CB3000 back on and before she goes home, she should write on my calendar the next day I am to be released.  I am not to look at the calendar until I get back from dropping her home.  I told her she could pick any day during March 2005 (the next month).  So after this weekend my next release date could be 1, 2, 3 or even 4 weeks away.  I am more horny that I have ever been after only a few days, who knows what I will be like after weeks!  I used to masturbate every day, this week will be the longest I have ever gone without an orgasm.




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