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ExoBelt - June 2005  This is a personal, comprehensive personal review with photos. Submitted  Anonymously 

I bought an Exobelt this past week. I've been wearing a CB-3000 mostly 24/7 since Sept 04 but have had great difficulty sleeping since I was "out" for a 2 week motorcycle trip in April. Tried everything I could think of but still waking up every hour or so thru the night. This is not healthy. So I ordered the Exobelt one night when I got really frustrated with the CB-3000. 

1. Workmanship is fairly rough, kind of like the CB-2000 was when it first came out. But a 1/2 hour with some fine sandpaper took care of most of the rough edges. 

2. Mine came with a "urine tube" that contains one's penis. Urine doesn't seem to get inside the cage. The tube is 2 3/4in long on one side and 2-1/4in on the other. It has a 1-1/4 inch I.D. 

3. Exobelt recommends the split rings, in back, but I got both split and solid when I ordered mine. The split rings make the belt more difficult to put on but can be smaller, tighter and more secure.

4. One can stand up to pee but the stream can go in any direction, or several directions at once due to the bar across the front. Best to just sit down, as I have gotten used to doing with the CB-3000. 

5. I'm still getting used to it but comfort seems to be ok. Some discomfort at the bottom of the back ring because my scrotum skin is pulled too much. Expect this will improve over time.

6. Fit: since I have a tight scrotum and largish balls it is very difficult to get on. First time it was cool and my scrotum skin was  contracted so I just gave up until I could get a hot bath to relax things.

7. This device is very difficult for me to get put on, too many pieces and too many places to get pinched. No pinching after it is all in place. No directions or suggestions for wearing included with belt. 

8. Nocturnal erections are not so painful since one's penis is not angled down so much. Downside is that the belt protrudes more than the CB-3000.

9. Security: Jury is still out on that. For me it is very easy to pull out of the CB-3000 as it comes from the manufacturer. So far I have not been able to pull out of the Exobelt but I think it may be possible for me. BUT, I believe it would be impossible to get back into the the urine tube as it is held rigidly in  place by the front lock and ring. At that point my KH (wife) would have something to say that I wouldn't like. It is certainly not be worth it to find out what she might do! Not too sure about the bar across the front. One may be able to stimulate the glans with a small rigid rod attached to a vibrator. However the slot in the Cb-3000 provides similar access to the glans. Never tried it! 

10. I don't think one could get thru a metal detector with this belt. Perhaps one could replace the large rear metal ring and lock with a nylon zip tie that can be marked with a serial number. I've seen these before but don't remember where to get them. Alternatively one could use a regular nylon tie and drill a small hole into it and use a plastic serial number like the ones that come with the CB-3000. The other alluminum bar in front could be replaced with a hard plastic piece with a plastic serial number to lock it. Then there would be no metal on the belt.

11. Both locks are keyed alike so it only takes one key to get out. Two keys came with the belt.

12. Overall I'm satisfied with the belt but it needs some time and some fine tuning, like replacing the alluminum bar across the front with some stainless rods and a stainless ring centered over the end. That should limit access to the tip of one's penis and be more hygienic. Still thinking of how to lock it in place.

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