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Prostate Information and Milking  ..........


Recent studies conducted in Australia speculate that men who regularly masturbated, while in their 20s, may have better chances of avoiding prostate cancer in later life.  There's never been a better reason for masturbation!!  Link to Survey  


With the above in mind perhaps men locked in chastity devices should receive regular milking to help maintain good prostate health.   Milking may help to "flush out" the build up of toxins which accumulate within the prostate gland of a chaste male by enabling him to ejaculate without experiencing orgasm.


Prostate Milking can be used for two purposes:

  1. To intensify orgasm and increase the amount of ejaculate.  In such instances you or your keyholder would release you from your chastity device and whilst simulating the prostate gland, tease, excite, and arouse your cock.

  2. To milk a man dry, whilst denying him orgasm. 

Milking in terms of chastity is concerned with orgasm denial, ejaculation without orgasm.  The technique used is the same prostate massage method, the only difference is that the penis is not to be aroused or excited by touch, and usually remains locked within the chastity belt or cage.  This is something many keyholders like to introduce, and now with the news of the Australian study your keyholder can insist it's for the benefit of your health.  You have no reason to refuse!


Prostate milking sometimes involves your keyholder placing ice around the cock and balls to reduce your enjoyment.  Inventive mistresses and masters have even designed home made ice trays to freeze the water in a shape of a thick ice cock ring, which the chaste man must wear during the weekly milking session.


The milking session usually lasts between 10 - 40 minutes, and is a pleasurable gentle massage of the prostate, after about 10 minutes you will begin to release fluid which has a sensation similar to slow urinating, after continued massage the fluid flows out freely.  This then becomes the property of your keyholder, and perhaps collected as it drops from you in a jar, cup or saucer.  Some keyholders will insist that you then consume your own ejaculate, as a demonstration of your slave status, that you are humble, and fully appreciative of your keyholder.


Of course another method to ensure good prostate health, which your keyholder may prefer to adopt,  is to simply release you from your chastity device and instruct you to masturbate until you ejaculate.  This is preferred by many keyholders who love to watch their chaste male masturbate for them.



Proatate Massager Prostate Massagers ..........


It can be difficult to milk the prostate using just your finger,  and although some "G Spot" dildos are suitable, the Prostate Massagers have been scientifically designed for this purpose.  It is even possible with to milk yourself with a good prostate massager if you do not have a keyholder.



Tickleberry UK/Europe - Prostate Massager Range




One Viewers Review of Prostate Massage

"My dear wife has provided me with peace and total fulfilment. Following her belief that testosterone was poisonous, she instituted a milking program. 

Before I shower in the  mornings I am required to collect a latex glove, her favourite crystal brandy glass and the Aneros prostate massager.  I must then place them on a small table in our bedroom, get on the table facing the glove and the massager, place the glass below my cock (locked in my pink Chastity device) and watch my wife as she snaps on the latex glove.  She then holds the massager, which I must then lubricate, then I wait to be milked while positioned on the table.  Sometimes I don't have to wait too long, other times my wife ask me to describe the sensations I know so well, and am longing for, before she commences my daily milking routine.

She gently massages my arse with a lubricated latex finger, to get me ready to accept the prostate massager, then once I'm ready she slowly inserts it.  Sometimes she will move it slowly in and out, other times she insists that I move it using only my anal muscles, breath in, tense my arse, and the Aneros slowly travels up inside.  She collects my produce in the glass. 

I do not experience orgasm in the common sense, but it has evolved into a very wonderful feeling of submission and relief.  It feels as if my guts are turning inside out.  She whispers encouraging remarks while she does this.    After I stop flowing, I am expected to drink the produce so as not to be wasteful. Then I shower.

My daily milking sessions means that I go to work  and the day is without distraction.  I enjoy the ladies around me, but I cannot become aroused. I stay in the neutered condition well into the evening.  If my wife desires sex, I am butt plugged with the prostate massager or a butt plug.  Then she will mount me and satisfy herself.  The experience is wonderful. I then feel stimulated all night until I hop up on my milking table in the morning. I love these experiences and look forward to them very much.  Correct milking via a prostate massager is a great gift from a woman to a man, one he can NEVER repay, no matter how hard he tries".


James December 2003 2001 - 2008



Prostate Anatomy ..........

The Prostate Gland is located about halfway between the testicles and rectum and is wrapped around the urethra (the urethra is the outlet that discharges urine and semen from the penis). Imagine a pipe passing through the hole of a doughnut. The pipe is the urethra and the doughnut is the prostate. 

Functions of the Prostate:


You need a healthy prostate gland to urinate efficiently and also to have an erection.  One of it's main functions is to create the seminal fluid which mixes with, and carries, the sperm out of the penis during ejaculation.  The prostate gland also serves as a pump to transport the semen and sperm with sufficient power out of the penis on it's way to fertilising a woman's egg.  Therefore the prostate acts as a gland and a pumping muscle.   


In Tantric terms the prostate is also considered to be the nerve and emotional centre of a man's sex life and his sexuality.  It's thought to be the feeling centre for sexual pleasures,  and disappointments.


When the prostate gland swells it puts pressure on the urethra (the largest pipe), and makes the passage of urine more difficult . The swollen prostate, also puts pressure on the nerves responsible for an erection (the erection nerves pass over and are attached to the outside of the prostate gland) and makes them less sensitive, and therefore, an erection difficult, or even impossible.  


If you are experiencing discomfort or problems with your prostate you should visit your doctor.


Stimulating the Prostate ..........

Until recently the word "Prostate" tended to conjure up thoughts and images of incontinent elderly men, but the prostate is a hidden small gland which when stimulated can produce some very enjoyable sensations.  The association with anything "anal" has meant that prostate pleasure has remained a well-kept secret.  Many men have never experienced the pleasures of their prostate, perhaps because there was little information about it until recently, others have been concerned that anything anal is "dirty", some have thought that only gay men enjoy anal sex.  This is simply not true.  The prostate should be thought of as a little pleasure gland which men can choose to use if they wish.


The Prostate gland is located about 4cm (1.6 inches) inside the anus.  It's job is to create prostatic fluid, which combines with sperm and fluid from the seminal vesicles to create seamen.  The prostate is a small soft organ (about the size of a chestnut) which contains lots of nerve endings and very sensitive to the touch.


Although not impossible, it is very awkward to simulate your own prostate manually, which is why the Aneros can be a wonderful toy for the purpose.  Some men are often embarrassed to ask their partner to give them prostate stimulation, but getting a loved one to do it is much better and far more relaxing than doing it yourself.  Any man that has received an expertly conducted prostate massage never forgets it!



Techniques for Mistresses & Masters:

How to give a good Prostate Massage ..........


Props:  Because the anal tissue is delicate, you'll need plenty of lubricant (commercially produced intimate lubricants are the best).  It is also sensible and hygienic to wear surgical gloves which you can buy from most chemists or supermarkets.  For many people latex gloves are such a turn on in their own right that the sight, or the sound of them snapping over your hand, is enough to get your man really turned on and aroused!  A good prostate massager such is an essential item too, because it has been specifically designed for the purpose.


Begin:  Once you have your props you should get him to lie on his back with his legs apart and you kneeling between them.  Of course you can also position him on all fours.  Warm up his anus by massaging the nerve endings of the perineum (the area between his scrotum and anus) with the pads of your fingers.  Pressing gently but firmly in a circular motion will help stimulate the prostate gland inside.


When he is ready the muscles around his anal rim (the sphincters) will begin to twitch, you should then rub over the opening with your gloved and lubricated finger, you can then judge whether he is ready to accept your finger and to further prepare him or the prostate massager.  As you insert your finger you will feel his sphincter muscles contract.  This may feel uncomfortable to him at first, but just like any of our muscles it can only stay in spasm for so long, within approximately 30 seconds the sphincter muscles should have relaxed and released.


Continue to masturbate his anus as you insert your finger further inside him, with your finger nail facing his back make a "come here" motion, your finger should now be pressing the prostate and it may give him the sensation of wanting to urinate, but this won't actually happen.  At this point you can slowly remove your finger, and slowly introduce the massager inside him.


As you continue to directly stimulate the prostate with either your finger or a massager it will increase in sensitivity, so continue to stimulate it by rubbing all over the gland, and in a pulsating manner.  Now you can play with his cock too.  (Unless of course this is part of Milking a man locked in chastity, when the intention is ejaculation without orgasm).


As he approaches orgasm you will feel his anal sphincter muscles contract around your finger, his prostate will become swollen as it's blood vessels expand.  At the point of orgasm his prostate will contract, empty and shoot semen from his penis.


December 2003 2001 - 2011