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Our Survey of 2003 - 2004 received very little contributions from women chastity belt wearers.  Today there are far few female wearers, but a greater number of lady keyholders!

My Tollyboy FGA200 fits like a second skin and looks impressive.  It was fitted by Tollyboy and has a full cage secondary shield.  It is very secure and it is impossible to masturbate.  It shows if you wear low waist jeans (but I do not bother) or closely fitting clothes.  Walking is fine, sitting is rather comfortable (you get used with time), driving is a bit problematic (but you can adjust your driving seat and find an acceptable position) but strenuous exercise is rather difficult (better to have the belt removed; e.g. skiing).  Hygiene is no problem once you get used to using lots of loo paper and Andrex moist tissues.  More frequent showers are recommended.  When menstruating it is better to have the belt removed but if this is not possible just use pads and shower frequently; it sounds worse that it actually is.

Tickleberry have introduced a high quality mid priced Female Chastity Belt made of leather, stainless steel, and rear chains.

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